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Real Paid Studios. is a professional recording studio located in Webster, Texas (Houston Metropolitan Area), featuring accurate AD and DA and modern digital tools. Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.
  • Metric Halo ULN 2 interface gives pristine analogue to digital signal conversion for high fidelity digital recordings.

  • Accurate digital to analogue converters make sure we're hearing your mix correctly before final output to digital media files and/or compact discs.

  • Behringer X32 32 Channel Mixer with Midas Preamps delivers 32 simultaneous inputs straight into our digital audio workstation. Audition your takes with great built in effects.

  • We're set up to record sound directly from the internet, your phone, usb drives, external HD's, and practically any other source you may have. Just ask.

  • Mojave MA-200 Large Cardioid Condensor Microphone has a sonic character closely imitating the sound of the highly popular Neuman U-87

  • Shure Sm7b Dynamic Microphone is great for a wide range of vocalists and has a very intimate sound good for a lot of applications.

  • Golden Age Projects Pre-73 Tube Preamp delivers high amplification without distortion (Unless you want it) You can dial in a very clean and transparent sound or opt for a warmer, fuzzier tone with this preamp.

  • Axiom-Pro 49 Midi Keyboard and Maschine 2 Midi Drumpad Studio

  • DSM2's with 8" Drivers offer excellent accurate sound

  • AKG K702 Open-Design Headphones for mixing & Audio Technica closed-back design headphones for tracking.

  • Guitars

  • Synths

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