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These are our music video breakdowns, but we can accommodate other video shooting and editing projects (Promo, commercials, events, etc.) 


Record the song with us, get $20 Off the video. 




Silver Music Video Package 250

1 Hrs Filming

1 Location

Simple Editing (5 Hours) 

Gold Music Video Package 400

2 Hrs Filming

Free relocation up to 30 miles

2 Locations

Includes 1 Drone Flight

Advanced Editing (7 Hours) 

Platinum Music Video Package 550

4 Hours Filming

Free relocation(s) up to 30 miles

3 Locations

Includes 1 Drone Flight 

Premium Editing (About 10 Hours) 


Drone Footage - Add $40 to the silver package (Gold and Platinum includes free drone footage) 


All packages include 1 upload to either Email, Youtube or Facebook (2nd upload is an additional $20 - additional YouTube channels, Vimeo, 2nd Email, Facebook Video, etc.)


All packages include Direct Send to over 100 personal industry connections for feedback. Promotion to our reach of over 6000 music fans, across FB, IG, Twitter and YouTube as well as placement on "Video Showcase" page with a rapidly growing visitor base . 


Greenscreen Editing - $30/Hr Extra

Our Video Work

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